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Post Operative Instructions following Minor Oral Surgery or Extractions

You need to look after yourself carefully following your treatment to avoid complications. A clean and healthy mouth aids healing - reducing pain, swelling and the chance of infection.

  • The numbness will last for 2-4 hours, take care not to bite or burn the lips/ check/ tongue

  • Do not rinse or gargle for the rest of the day - this may wash away the blood clot and cause more bleeding and pain.

  • Rest for the next few hours and avoid any strenuous exercise.

  • Avoid touching the area. Cool, soft food/drink may be eaten after a few hours.

  • Do not smoke for a least 24 hours as this may delay healing which causes pain

  • Alcohol should be avoided for the next 24 hours.

  • Painkillers are advised following treatment, they are best taken whilst the area is still numb.Avoid Aspirin and do not take ibuprofen if you suffer from asthma.

  • if the wound starts to bleed again sit upright and bite hard on the gauze provided for 20-30 minutes. Repeat as needed. If you run out of gauze use a clean cotton handkerchief (  Do Not use tissue). If bleeding persists please call us on 016- 265 1675.

  • from tomorrow rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Take a mouthful and hold it over the wound. This should be repeated as often as possible but at least after every meal and before bed, this will help to keep the area clean.

  • Brush your teeth as normal but take care in the wound area.

  • Occasionally small pieces of bone work their way loose out of the extraction site, this is normal.

  • Some pain, bruising and swelling is normal, thi should gradually improve over the next 3-5 days. If the pain or swelling is excesssive or last longer than this, please call us on 016- 265 1675. 

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  • 拔完牙 2 小时后,再吃东西。请选用温凉的软食,或者流质食物;避免食物过硬或者过热,避免用拔牙的那一侧咀嚼

  •  拔牙后,医生会在拔牙窝上方放置一个纱球让患者咬紧,用以压迫止血。一般没有血液病的病人,在安静状态下咬紧纱球半小时就可以止血。

  • 良好的血凝块是拔牙创口正常愈合、避免感染的重要条。如果经过唾液或者喝水的冲刷,血凝块又会分解,就像冰融化一样,最终导致血凝块脱落和再出血。因此,拔牙后24小时内不要漱口,喝水也不要用力漱口,不要经常用舌头舔伤口。

  • 有时候纱球吐了以后已经止血了,但是经过运动、说话、喝水等引起牙槽窝再次出血,这时候可以用纱球放置于拔牙窝上方紧咬,压迫止血,一般都能奏效。如果止不住血,要及时联络我们到诊所处理。

  • 拔牙当天尽量少运动,少讲话。忌烟酒和辛辣食物。

  • 拔牙后一小时口服止痛药,之后只有需要时服用。哮喘病患请一定要向医生说明并且避开aspirin及ibuprofen。

  • 一般拔牙可以不用口服抗生素,如果拔智慧牙或创伤大的牙一定要口服抗生素。

  • 拔牙后可以正常刷牙,只需避免刷到伤口处即可。

  • 拔牙后第二天可以用温盐水轻轻的漱口,最好是连续一星期凡是饭后以及睡前嗽口以有效让伤口尽快复原。

  • 拔牙后3-5天会有轻微疼痛红肿甚至淤血皆为正常反应,如果情况恶化 请立即致电 016-265 1675 向我们医生询问及预约检查。 

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