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Baby tooth extraction: what to expect

Dental extractions are a surgical procedure where a dentist or an oral surgeon removes a tooth from the mouth. There are two types of extractions, simple and surgical.

A simple extraction involves pulling a baby tooth that is clearly visible in the mouth. Dentists perform a simple extraction with a device called an “elevator,” which loosens the tooth, and then with forceps. These extractions normally will only call for a local anesthetic.

Parents, remember to restrict your child’s eating after surgery until all numbness is gone in order to avoid painful and damaging bites inside the mouth.

Post extraction, parents need to monitor their child’s behaviors and healing process. Aside from waiting to eat, kids need to avoid drinking from a straw or even spitting vigorously as this could dislodge the blood clot that forms in the dental office right after an extraction.

Ice packs can be used in twenty minute intervals to decrease swelling. Over the counter pain medications can be used, but talk to your dentist about recommended dosage and duration.

Your child should continue with a regular oral hygiene routine, but be sure they are extremely careful around the area of the extraction. With proper and gentle care, recovery from an extraction should be very quick.

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