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Scaling and Polishing

How is scaling and polishing done?

Step 1: Your dentist will check your teeth if got any decay and weak spots in the enamel.
Step 2: Plaque and tartar are removed from the surface of your teeth in a process called scaling.
Step 3: Your teeth are then buffed and polished to remove staining before being flossed.

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Is scaling and polishing painful?

No, the scale and polish procedure shouldn't hurt, but you may feel some unusual sensations in your mouth. This might include a scraping sensation or a tickling feeling in your gums. A numbing gel can be used if you are very nervous about any dental pain.

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How often should you do scaling?

Plaque formation on the teeth is a continuous process. If this is not removed by brushing it starts mineralizing into tartar within 10-14 hours. Such persons may require periodic scaling, every 6 months or so. The golden rule is to have a routine dental check up every 6 months.

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